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Sustainability at Cotenham Barn

We are very mindful of the need to live more sustainably, we have made and continue to make adjustments to our way of living and running our business. We collect rain water for watering the garden and in the near future we plan to use rain water for toilets and washing machines. We actively encourage our guests to recycle all rubbish as we do. All accommodation is heavily insulated and double glazed to keep heat loss to a minimum. All of our lighting uses low energy bulbs and all appliances have been selected with energy efficiency in mind.

In the garden we make much of our own compost from garden and kitchen waste, we collect leaves and use the compost to mulch the garden in the winter and early spring. Any purchased compost is peat free. The woodland is managed with wildlife in mind, leaving natural areas with brambles and nettles for insects. As with any young wood we have had to thin out the trees using the wood to fuel our wood burner in the main house, in doing this we have left some tree stumps for owls and other birds of prey to perch on. The pond is a magnet for wildlife, we aim to keep it in good health by cutting back the reeds each year and aerating the water with a pump. We grow many of our own fruits and vegetables which as well as eating fresh we make preserves, in fact all of our own jams.

We continue to develop our use of sustainable energy and plan to install PV panels and an EV charger later in 2022.

Part of Love the Broads

We are proud to be active members of Love the Broads, an organisation involving local businesses in the Norfolk Broads area and administered by the Broads Trust. Love the Broads is a visitor giving scheme, based around raising awareness and inspiring support for projects endeavouring to support the fragile and beautiful environments of the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads. We aim to collect just £1 from each of our bookings, we send all funds collected to Love the Broads which helps to ensure this unique and amazing place, together with its surrounding landscape and heritage, is maintained and kept special for future generations.

Green Credentials